Chairman Message

Wadi El Nile for Contracting and Real Estate Investment was established in 1989 to be one of the leading companies in project management and real estate investment in Egypt Since inception , the company has gone through different phases in terms of size , scope and returns. Despite the challenges , the Company has recently Witnessed a remarkable change in the business volume through introducing new practices and advanced facilities acquiring new equipment, establishing factory for aluminum sectors as well as Uplifting of production , which had a great impact of maximizing the role of self – implementation.
Moreover, having the real estate Investment arm Goes to form a diverse platform of activities and objectives which have led to achieving the highest economic return for the company since its establishment.
The company is currently contributing to the establishment of major national projects with dedication , efficiency and Outstanding performance incompliance with the international standards , Scheduled plans and use of advanced technology through highly qualified teamwork and Board of Directors who have man capacity for decision – making , developing strategy and specific goals and providing economic resources for application and achievement.
We are keen to achieve mutual trust with or customers by buildings confidence on a professional and ethical basis contributed that has Continuation and growth of for relationship with concerned entities and to attract new customers and partners.
In the coming phase, the company aims to increase its competitiveness, business volume and diversity ,and enter new markets locally and internationally to build on our success journey and ambitious plans that we seek to achieve.

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